Common acronyms used in air traffic management

ACDM         airport collaborative decision-making

ACAS          airborne collision avoidance system

ADS-B         automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast

AFISO         aerodrome flight information services officer 

AIP             aeronautical information publication

AMAN         arrival manager

ATSOCAS    air traffic services outside controlled airspace

BALPA        British Airline Pilots Association

B-VLOS       beyond visual line of sight

CANSO        Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation

CHIRP         confidential human factors incident reporting programme

COTS          commercial off the shelf

CWP            controller working  position

EASA           European Aviation Safety Agency

ERAM           en route automation modernisation

EVLOS         extended visual line of sight

FAB             functional airspace block

FISO            flight information services officer

FUA             flexible use of airspace

IFALPA        International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Associations

JARUS         Joint Authorities for Rule-making on Unmanned Systems

LAMP           London airspace management project

OJTI            on the job training instructor

PBN             performance-based navigation

RNAV           area navigation

RNP             required navigation performance

RPAS            remotely piloted aircraft system

RPV              remotely piloted vehicle

RTS              remote tower services

RTC             remote tower centre

SERA            standardised European rules of the air

SARG           Safety and Airspace Regulation Group

SES              single European sky

SESAR (JU)  single European sky ATM research (joint undertaking)

SWIM           system wide information management

TCAS           traffic alert and collision avoidance system

TRACON      terminal radar approach control

TSS             terminal sequencing and spacing

UAV            unmanned aerial vehicle

VCS             voice communication system

VCCS           voice communication and control system

VOIP            voice over internet protocol 

VLOS           visual line of sight

VLL             very low level

WAM           wide area multilateration