For many years the Guild has provided representatives to serve on other aviation organisation’s committees. It is through these channels that GATCO exerts influence and provides help and advice to the wider aviation community. These include:

National Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee

The Civil Aviation Authority’s director of airspace policy (DAP) carries out consultations on aviation legislation changes. To get a wide variety of views the National Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee (NATMAC) provides a panel of representatives from all aspects of aviation who advise DAP on all airspace requirements. This committee has now absorbed the Air Traffic Services Safety Regulation Advisory Committee. Liverpool controller Al Osborne represents the Guild with Rob Marshall as the back up member.

Air Traffic Services Safety Regulation Advisory Committee

The committee advises the Civil Aviation Authority’s air traffic standards department on the safety regulation of air traffic services. It is now a combined committee with NATMAC (see above). Liverpool controller Al Osborne represents the Guild with Rob Marshall as the back up member.

United Kingdom Airprox Board

The Board’s primary objective is to enhance UK flight safety in respect of lessons to be learned and applied from airprox occurrences within UK airspace. It is sponsored jointly, and funded equally, by the Civil Aviation Authority and the MoD. Members are nominated by civil/military organisations, sitting as experts in their own right and not representing any group or organisation. GATCO is represented by Norwich controller Mark Burch. and Swanwick controller Justin Mosely.

General Aviation Safety Council

The General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) is a charity that works to improve flight safety in all forms of general aviation and is based at Rochester airport in Kent. It is funded by the contributions of member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and the public. GATCO’s representative is  former Manchester controller Tim Mackay.

Airspace Infringement Working Group (AIWG)

The issues involving airspace infringements are addressed through this CAA working group.  Manchester controller Chris Walsh represents GATCO.

Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Flight Operations Group

This group represents the views and interests of those involved in all aspects of flight operations with a particular focus on commercial transport, and the committee includes commercial, private and glider pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and managers. Former Manchester controller, Tim Mackay is the GATCO nominee.

Airspace Safety Initiative

The Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI) investigates and tackles the major safety risks in UK airspace including enhancing safety outside controlled airspace and identifying hazards associated with the use of UK airspace. The ASI Communication and Education Programme  (ACEP)  is undertaken by a committee drawn from all airspace users and the corporate communications departments of the CAA and NATS. Its purpose is to formulate and disseminate the educational material required to meet specific objectives set out by ASI. 

UK Birdstrike Committee

The CAA established the UK Birdstrike Committee (UKBSC) to meet annually with both national governmental department officials and industry stakeholders to share information and exchange views on birdstrikes. Mark Taylor represents GATCO.

Department for Transport European ATM Forum

The forum brings together UK ATM stakeholders to discuss and be informed on European ATM policy issues. Heathrow controller, Julian Ogilvie attends on behalf of the Guild.

UK Flight Safety Committee

The UK Flight Safety Committee (UKFSC) meets regularly to exchange information on all safety-related issues. Adam Maggs is the GATCO representative on this committee.

UK Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme

The Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) aims is to contribute to the enhancement of UK aviation and maritime safety by providing a totally independent confidential (not anonymous) reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with these industries. GATCO is represented by James Jeavons  and Mark Taylor..

ATC Procedures and Phraseology Working Group

A combination of the  CAA Phraseology Working Group which deals with all issues relating to aviation phraseology and the ATC Procedures Working Group. Richard Eggleton represents GATCO.

The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN) Technical and Safety Committee

This committee encompasses all aspects of aviation safety; the operation of public transport and general aviation aircraft, the common use of airspace by private, public transport, aerial work and military aircraft and any other technical matter. Its recommendations are directed to the Civil Aviation Authority, the Department for Transport, and increasingly to the European Aviation Safety Agency. GATCO  is represented by Luis Barbero.

BALPA ATS Study Group

Bob Brinsley represents the Guild in this Group.

Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group

This CAA-created body is tasked with analysing the potential capacity of CAS to accomodate VFR traffic and creating ACPs to change classes of airspace if required to enable VFR flight. GATCO is represented by Adam Exley.