Never has international cooperation and discussion been more important. With a Harmonised ATC Licence already in place within Europe, the Single European Sky programme and the continued development of functional airspace blocks, the views and concerns of every UK air traffic controller need to be heard.

GATCO as the UK Member Association of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) is ideally placed for the development and interchange of technical and professional information not only within Europe but on a worldwide stage as well

IFATCA was formed in 1961 and GATCO joined a year later. Since then GATCO has continued to play leading roles within the Federation, providing numerous reports and working papers to IFATCA. Many of these papers may form the basis of IFATCA policy which in turn is fed into International Civil Aviation Organisation working groups that develop civil aviation regulations worldwide. This involvement allows the views and concerns of GATCO members to be heard and provides the opportunity to influence worldwide aviation regulations and procedures. Additionally many GATCO members have held positions within IFATCA from members of standing committees and international representatives to members of IFATCAs own Executive Board.

Being involved with IFATCA provides a unique opportunity for controllers to take part in international ATM issues. Current GATCO members involved with IFATCA are Rob Marshall, chairman of the IFATCA Constitution and Administration Committee and also a member of the Finance Committee; Jez Pigden, Chairman of the Professional and Legal Committee and Julian Ogilvie, member of the Technical and Operations Committee. Other GATCO members make regular contributions to the work of IFATCA.


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More information on IFATCA can be found here