Member Services


All membership issues are handled by Membership Services.

A number of the common requests can be carried out using the links in the sections below.

If your request is not covered by these options Membership Services can be contacted here.



To download a PDF form click on the link

membership application form



deduction from pay


direct debit mandate


2. Change of Bank Account Procedure

For members currently paying Guild subscriptions via direct debit mandate and changing the account these subs are paid from, please note; Where your bank has agreed to change all of your direct debit mandates over to your new bank account, this process should happen automatically with BACS supplying GATCO with your new account details. If however, you are manually changing all of your direct debits to be paid from your new bank account, we will need you to complete a replacement direct debit form available as a download from the Membership Services section. This must be posted back to Membership Services and not submitted electronically.


3. Change of Address

Please fill out and submit the following form to send your change of address details to GATCO.

Please note this form is not currently working. A new website and form will be launched in 2017. If you have a change of address please email membership services at with the details shown in the form below.


Membership Number

Telephone Number

Email Address

Effective Date

Old Address

Old Unit (if applicable)

New Address

New Unit (if applicable)





IMPORTANT NOTE: Before using the Guild Travel Services you must obtain a Guild Travel Services pack from Membership Services. Contact Membership Services here.



The GTS information pack is only available from Membership Services

A new GTS pack should be requested prior to each planned use of the service.

The GTS administrator should not be contacted until you have the latest GTS pack.

The GTS pack is obtainable from the link above ( or telephone Membership Services leaving a message if necessary on 01949 876405.  Wherever possible GTS information is sent out as an e-mail attachment but may also be requested via post or fax if required.


The Guild Travel Service offers various travel facilities to members for both recreational and business travel. A pack containing details of the facilities must be obtained from Membership Services before contacting the GTS Travel Services Manager.


Applications for travel should be sent to Please do not use old email addresses, telephone numbers or contact information.


GATCO members receive discounted deals on hotels worldwide     Hotel Anywhere


GATCO members receive reduced price travel arrangements     Touchdown Travel