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London CTR reclassification consultation


The UK adoption of the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) is driving a change in UK aviation law. This change, which came into force in December 2012 but of which the UK has deferred implementation until December 2014, will render NATS’ current operation of Class A airspace within the London CTR, non-compliant with EU regulations.

As a consequence NATS is carrying out a consultation on London CTR reclassification. The document sets out the options available for the change and covers the reasons why some airspace classifications have not been put forward for consideration as well as NATS’ preferred option.

The consultation seeks feedback from all stakeholders and responses will enable NATS to make the best and most informed decision possible. The Guild proposes to make a response and needs all comments from members to be received by Saturday 14 December so a final document can be submitted by the consultation closure date.

The document is some 56 pages long so cannot be reproduced here but can be downloaded from the NATS website here.

The Guild comments:

At first reading the NATS preferred option (reclassification to Class D) would seem to be the optimum. However I urge members to take the time to read through and form their own conclusions. Not only do we need to agree or disagree but there is provision to comment on any feature that has not been fully explained or its possible consequences determined. Controllers close to the situation will have particular knowledge but those at a distance can take a more dispassionate view.

 Comments received may prompt NATS to amend its proposal. Whatever its final form its implementation will be determined by the CAA.  

 GATCO would welcome members comments using the form available on this page.

Tim Mackay

VP Policy


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